About Us

London Lawns and Landscaping began as a one man operation in 1990.  Since then, we have expanded to offer a complete range of services for both residential and commercial customers. Along the way, we have never lost sight of the importance of  listening to our customers and doing our best to meet their expectations.  With that in mind, we do our best to hold to a few core principles in our operations and how they relate to the customer experience:

Responsiveness – At London Lawns and Landscaping our goal is to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.  If you call the office and you are asked to leave a message, you can be assured that someone will get back to you shortly.  Despite the nature of our business to be “out in the field” either servicing customers, evaluating potential projects or checking up on crews, our office team checks into the office for messages on a regular basis to stay on top of customer requests and new inquiries.

Consistency – London Lawns and Landscaping has been under the same ownership since its inception in 1990.  This hands on approach through the years has allowed us to learn about our customers’ needs and anticipate or adapt to what is important to them.  The net result is efficiency through the communication process.

Quality – Ultimately, everything in the service industry comes down to the quality of the service delivered.  Before any of our crews head out for the day, crew chiefs and managers will go over the plan for the day and provide each crew team with quality checklists.  Additionally, our owner and managers regularly schedule visits to the properties we manage to ensure our crews are delivering to the requests and specifications of our customers.

Professionalism – All of our crew members are properly trained on all aspects of landscape maintenance and installation as well as proper use of tools and equipment.  A strong emphasis is placed on safety and respecting the security of our customer’s property (closing gates, locks, etc.)